Jamie Anderson
Self-Defense / Strike Back - The Art of Defensive



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MA Fitness
4400 34th St N, Unit F
St Petersburg, Florida 33714

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In "Strike Back: The Art of Defensive Striking," you'll embark on a journey to master the crucial balance between defense and striking, turning your ability to protect into an active asset. This class is tailored to teach you how to deliver effective, controlled strikes as a means of self-defense, ensuring you're never left feeling vulnerable in a confrontational situation. Through focused training, you'll learn the mechanics of powerful striking, from positioning and balance to the timing and execution of hits that can neutralize threats.

We emphasize the importance of precision over power, teaching you to strike strategically to maximize impact while minimizing risk. Defensive strategies are integrated with striking techniques to create a seamless flow between protecting yourself and taking control of the situation. With drills, sparring sessions, and scenario-based exercises, you'll develop the confidence and skill to use striking as a defensive tool, ensuring you're prepared to defend effectively in any situation. This course is about more than just throwing punches; it's about striking with purpose, intelligence, and tactical awareness, embodying the principle of being your own weapon in the face of danger.