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Self-Defense / Down But Not Out: Tactical Ground D



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Down But Not Out: Tactical Ground Defense" is a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the skills and techniques necessary to defend yourself effectively while on the ground. This class acknowledges the reality that many confrontations may end up on the ground and prepares you to turn such situations to your advantage.


Throughout the course, you'll learn how to manage and escape from various ground positions, utilizing leverage, technique, and strategic thinking to defend against and neutralize threats. We cover essential ground defense principles, including position control, guard maintenance, and reversal techniques, ensuring you're never at a loss for what to do when the fight goes to the floor.


With a focus on practical, real-world scenarios, this class combines physical drills, technique refinement, and sparring sessions to build your confidence and competence in ground defense. Whether you're facing a single assailant or multiple attackers, the skills you gain here will prepare you to protect yourself effectively, maintaining your safety and asserting control in any situation.


"Down But Not Out: Tactical Ground Defense" isn't just about learning to fight on the ground; it's about understanding the dynamics of ground combat and using that knowledge to become a more adaptable, resilient defender. This course is an essential part of becoming your own weapon, ensuring you're prepared to face any challenge, even from the ground up.